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This is our story

Casual Recovery is a heart-felt collaboration of patients, doctors, caregivers, scientists, researchers, and artists. We invented the Casual Recovery Drain Support Garments out of personal necessity.

Following our own surgeries, we felt frustrated by the existing drain-support options. They weren't secure, comfortable, or flexible enough for us to return to our normal daily activities. Now, you can. Our patented pockets will hold your drains in place.

We believe in putting patients first and would love to hear about your recovery experience.

It gives great joy to share our creation with the world to help you recover better.

Our Team

Aisha McCain is a natural entrepreneur with the heart of a healer and the personality of a fighter. She is an accomplished inventor and innovator who holds multiple patents and has run multiple direct-to-consumer businesses.

Ms. McCain has donated a lifetime of community service,  starting when her mother would take a very young Aisha to visit nursing homes and socially shunned AIDS patients,  which had a profound effect on her. Additionally, she has become a community resource for cancer patients and an advocate for minority patients’ rights. The path Ms. McCain has traveled required drive, tenacity, and creativity. Always a poet, she has written five books of poetry and prose. In order to found Casual Recovery, she balanced work with her own healing over the course of more than ten major surgeries. Ms. McCain had surgical drains even as she struggled to improve the lives of others. She brings bold, new  perspectives  as  both  a  patient  and  an  inventor.  As  a  leader,  she  delegates  well,  asks  incisive  questions,  and seeks out expert advice. Ms. McCain assembled a team separated by geography and background, but united in vision and philosophy.

Annemarie Sheets, MD, is an Emergency Physician licensed in California since 2011. Dr. Sheets earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where, as an undergraduate, she co-founded a volunteer, student-run, 24/7 campus ambulance service which continues to this day. Dr. Sheets earned her medical degree at Washington University in St. Louis, where she graduated at the top of her class and was admitted to the Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society. The day after graduation from medical school, Dr. Sheets received the diagnosis of invasive breast cancer at the age of 26. She started treatment during her move to San Francisco where she was to begin her residency in Emergency Medicine at UCSF. Several months into her internship she met Ms. McCain. Over the next decade Dr. Sheets and Ms. McCain built both a friendship and a partnership, surviving cancer with each other’s support. This profound shared experience and the synergy it produced led to the founding of Casual Recovery. Dr. Sheets started her own medical practice in 2014, MD at Bedside, which provides Urgent Care House Calls 24/7 to patients in the Bay Area. She also worked for Spectros, a medical device company, performing clinical studies on wearable pulse oximetry devices. When Spectros was acquired by Jawbone in 2015, Dr. Sheets served as the Director of Science and Medicine, overseeing all in-house testing, and the company’s internal Institutional Review Board. Dr. Sheets left Jawbone in 2019 to focus on Casual Recovery, MD at Bedside Tele-Medicine Program, and continue to serve as Medical Director for Astra Home Health Care. Casual Recovery, MD at Bedside’s Tele-Medicine Program, and continue as Medical Director for Astra Home Health Care.

Paula Pfotenhauer brings 35 years of experience as a pattern-maker, an over-seas garment Quality Control Inspector, factory and matierls sourcing agent, and fit specialist. She worked for 12 year at Fox Racing in a number of capacities including Head Pattern and Sample Maker, Over Seas Quality Control Inspector, and Developer. She worked for Coalision (Oraj and Lole brands) as Over Seas Quality Inspector responsible for overseeing all of the production inspection as well as Over Seas Factory Sourcing and Inspector. Ms. Pfotenhauer is particularly qualified to ensure Casual Recovery creates the best product using the best materials for post-surgical garment needs. She is passionate about meeting fair trade standards and insists that every possible step of the process is ecologically friendly. She is always interested in customer feedback to create an even better product in future iterations.

With 35 years experience as a patternmaker, an over seas garment QC Inspector , factory and materials sourcing agent and fit specialist , Paula is particularly qualified to make sure Casual Recovery creates the best product for your post surgery needs. She makes sure that fair trade standards are employed and every possible ecological choice is made every step of the way. She is always interested in customer feedback to create an even better product in future reiterations.

Our Patent: US Patent 10,188,160

A garment with post-operative drain compartments along an interior of the garment is manufactured and provided to a user after a surgical procedure. The garment has a first plurality of post-operative drain compartments on a first side of the garment and a second plurality of post-operative drain compartments on a second side of the garment. Each of the post-operative drain compartments supports a reservoir of a post-operative drain. The user, typically after a surgical procedure involving post-operative drains as part of recovery, wears the garment and inserts the reservoir of a post-operative drain into one of the post-operative drain compartments. The garment supports at least six post-operative drain compartments. At least one of the post-operative drain compartments is disposed above at least two others of the post-operative drain compartments. In one example, each of the openings post-operative drain compartments remains open and does not include any fastening mechanism.

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At Casual Recovery we are committed to creating medical garments that are equally suited for patient comfortability; improving recovery outcomes; and  establishing a sense of healing in style. We are founded on the dual objectives of environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Our core purposes for which the business was founded are:

  • Our garments are produced in a way that minimizes the environmental impact and promotes business integrity.  92 million tons of textile waste is produced every year.  By utilizing  jobber/salvaged and recycled fabric, we do our part to reduce the impact of fashion as the 2nd largest contributor to landfill.
  • We offer innovative products that remain highly efficient throughout their service life and support a sustainable production process.   All fabrics we source for our products  go through rigorous assessments that test durability, shrinkage, and appearance. We produce high quality garments that withstand  extensive home and commercial laundering.

We will earn the trust of businesses and consumers because of:

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