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We take the time to listen to feedback from patients and caregivers. Our holistic approach infuses quality, care, and support into everything we do.

What are the benefits of better drain support?

Patients and caregivers must care for drains at home, sometimes for weeks or months after surgery. Proper drain support has many benefits:

  • Helps the body remove fluid
  • Encourages your return to normal daily activities
  • Prevents drain complications
  • Supports your emotional recovery
  • Improves satisfaction with your recovery experience
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Did you know?

  • There are more than seven million surgeries involving drains in the U.S. every year
  • Our patented drain-support shirt was part of a survey at UCSF
  • Casual Recovery is an FDA registered business
  • Our manufacturers use fair-trade practices and environmentally-friendly material

Product Details

  • Kids* and plus sizes available
  • Machine-washable
  • NEW: Shower-friendly option
  • Stylish, comfortable, versatile
  • Convenient pockets hold drains on either side, higher or lower

*Kids shirt includes cape attachment

Classic TopRobePediatric TopYSH Cape
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