Why Drain Support Garment Is the Best Care for JP Drain Management Post Op

January 12, 2021

Drains systems are used to remove drainage from a wound bed to stop an infection from taking place. They are a common trait of post-op surgical management. Drain systems also prevent delayed wound healing.

A drain system can be superficial to the skin or deep in an organ, a cavity, or a duct. The number and types of drains depend on the type and extent of surgery. Drain systems have Silastic tubes with perforations. These perforations in the tubes allow fluid to drain from the wound site. The drainage is then collected in a closed sterile collection reservoir such as in Jackson-Pratt drain management.

A Jackson-Pratt drain is used for fewer amounts of drainage. The drainage site is shielded with a sterile dressing and is checked frequently to ensure that the drain is functioning correctly and there is no leakage.

Importance of Drain Support Garments for JP Drain Management

A drain support garment is used after a surgical procedure.  It has two sides with plural post-operative drain compartments inside the garment. All of the post-operative drain compartments have a reservoir to collect the drainage.

The drain support garment is usually worn after a surgical procedure that involves post-operative drains as part of the recovery. The patient wears the garment and positions the reservoir of a post-operative drain inside one of the post-operative drain compartments. Thereat least six post-operative drain compartments.

The surgical drains play a significant role in drawing the fluid out of the wound, and to achieve this placement and the number of drain holders plays a vital role. Let's look at some of the various reasons why Drain Support Garment Is the Best Care for JP Drain Management Post Op.

Minimizes Pressure on the Drains

The drain support garment helps the patient to secure and control the drains. It has also been proven useful in minimizing the pulling on the drains. Hence, making it easier for the patients to tolerate the drains easily, without any pain or discomfort.

Reduced Chances of Unwanted Drainage

The drain support garment offers the drains' security, as a result of which there are fewer chances of unwanted drainage or drains being pulled out earlier accidentally. Additionally, wearing a drain support garment for JP care prevents continuous pulling out of the drains, which can otherwise cause bleeding or tissue damage.

Fastens the Rate of Recovery

Drain support garments are designed to increase the rate at which patients recover from a surgical procedure. They play a significant role in expediting the recovery rate so that the patient can return to their normal routine activities faster. It makes the user more active physically by providing them with comfort.

Boosts Confidence

The feeling of security from the drain support garment makes the user more confident with going out in public and interacting with other people. The style and the modern look of the garment make it look like any other comfortable clothing piece. A good quality drain support garment is designed to hide and mask the drain holders, so if you don't want to let anyone know about the surgery, then the drain support garment will help you in doing just that.

Diet and Activity after Your Jackson Pratt Surgical Procedure

It is recommended to have water, juices, milk, herbal teas, and fruits to stay hydrated after the surgery. For a healthy Jackson Pratt drain care, it is suggested to have about nine cups of water orany recommended fluids per day.

Along with increasing the fluid intake, protein is also essential for JP drain wound healing. Some of the good protein sources to consume are nuts, eggs, beans, chicken, yogurt, and whole grains.

Another thing that can expedite your JP drain wound healing is incorporating moderate exercise in your daily routine. For instance, you can try to do a 10-minute walk or try to participate in leisure activities around the house. Engaging in moderate physical activity will help you regain your strength while speeding up your recovery.

It is also recommended to avoid doing any household chores such as lifting heavy items until you have entirely recovered, and that can take about 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the individual. It would be great if you always stayed in touch with your physician to learn more details about your JP drain wound recovery time. Make sure to take your prescribed pain medicine on time and as directed, as pain can make moving around difficult for you.

List of Things to Avoid Doing While Jackson Pratt Drain Care

·        Avoid using a bathtub, Jacuzzi, or going in a pool.

·        Do not apply hydrogen peroxide to the wound site. Only clean the area with soap and water;

        they are the best agents to keep it clean.

·        Do not smoke as it can delay JP drain wound healing.

·        Make sure to keep the JP system together to prevent the germs from entering the wound.

·        Do not apply powders, lotions, or creams to the wound site.

·        Drink a lot of the recommended fluids to keep the skin hydrated.

·        Do not wrap the tubing in loops. It should stay patent for continual suction.

·        Avoid overexertion as it can cause pain and, in some cases, seroma formation.

·        Do not lie or sleep on your JP drain.

·        Please do not have alcohol as it can delay wound healing.

·        Be extra cautious while taking a shower. Try to ask someone for their help to take a shower.

·        Make sure to use a shower mat or a shower chair to avoid falling.

·        Avoid bending over to get to your knees or feet.

Parting Words

Wearing a drain support garment is essential for any patient that needs to look after their JP drain management post-operation. If you want to wish to achieve the best possible results from your procedure and enjoy a peaceful recovery period, make sure you invest in a drain support garment that will provide you with the support you need while fitting your body perfectly. Take a look at the Casual Recovery Medical Garments. Our goal is to deliver universally flexible post-op support garments that can address the surgical drains with the correct amount and type of care they need. We believe in comfort healing, and we support the integrity of our clients.

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